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Indirect taxes

Solutions to help your company make opportunities feasible in the tax area, resulting, for example, in fiscal benefits and incentives provided by the Brazilian legislation.

These opportunities are related to a number of situations -- from the moment your company decides to implement a new industrial project to the way it defines its logistics for service distribution.


Our solutions


  • Tax management support to your company;
  • Studies of tax effects on the product distribution logistics;
  • Guidance on sectorial and state tax benefits;
  • Reallocation of sites, considering tax aspects;
  • Analysis to recover tax credits and to use accrued credits;
  • Analysis of voluntary disclosure and payment of taxes in installments;
  • Tax procedures review (ICMS, IPI, II, ISS, PIS and COFINS);
  • Site location projects (market study for the best location to organize a company; in this case, from a tax perspective);
  • Draw up tax manuals and routines;
  • Review import and export operations;
  • Support for IT systems (parameterization);
  • Tax cost analysis in the implementation of new industrial projects;
  • Analyses and studies in connection with non-cumulative PIS and Cofins-related credits.