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Global Payroll Operate

An end-to-end global payroll approach delivered with the market-leading technology and local technical expertise

The future of payroll is changing, and we can help you manage the complex landscape of global payroll management across all of your geographies. Our technology, PayrollAdvantage, gives you complete visibility across your global payroll, offering transparency and control over your data.

A global payroll delivery model fit for the future

In today’s ever-changing world, payroll professionals are challenged to keep up with the fast-paced transformation of their businesses. With increased demand for real-time data and complex legislative compliance, businesses have an increased need for a true global delivery model.

At Deloitte, our comprehensive, holistic approach is designed to cater to your unique needs, going beyond traditional payroll offerings. We address broader challenges to provide a tailor-made multi-country payroll model that enables consistent results, efficiencies, and quality.

Leverage the power of Deloitte's global reach and proven track record to scale your payroll program across geographies. Harness our PayrollAdvantage technology to meet complex organizational needs.

Welcome to a world where payroll solutions are not just about numbers, but about people, value, strategy, and success—giving you back time to focus on your next strategic HR initiative.

Experience the future of payroll with Deloitte

How Deloitte and Payslip are redefining global payroll delivery

Faced with rapid technological advancements, regulatory changes, and the rise of hybrid working, multinational businesses face complex challenges. That’s where the Deloitte and Payslip alliance comes in, providing a tech-powered solution to streamline payroll programs. Deloitte will now leverage PayrollAdvantage to unify its payroll service delivery across 125+ countries. As a result, our payroll clients can look forward to automated controls, validation reporting, and a self-serve view of their global payroll services.