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HR & Payroll Advisory

Insight and advice on all aspects of employment tax and payroll services

Deloitte's HR & Payroll Advisory team takes a global approach to helping clients with their operations and practices.

Align your employment tax and payroll strategy to support company objectives and compliance

Employment taxes can trigger critical risk and compliance exposure for any business. At Deloitte, the global network of employment tax specialists can help to identify and manage employment tax risks. Deloitte also offers practical support and advice on employment tax and payroll compliance. We can advise clients on meeting employment tax and payroll obligations, identify employment tax issues, institute risk remediation, resolve uncertain tax positions and establish standardisation to promote cost-effectiveness and financial transparency.

Deloitte’s GlobalAdvantage technology platform supports the management of tax, social security and other governmental withholding and reporting requirements. This proprietary technology can also facilitate the automation of time-consuming employment tax review support processes, increasing efficiency and managing employment tax risks.

We advise many of the world’s largest multinational organisations on complex and challenging employment tax and reward issues. Deloitte professionals work closely with clients on practical yet innovative approaches for complying with quickly evolving employment tax and regulation.

Payroll Advisory

Timely, accurate payroll for today’s diverse and mobile workforce can be a complex task—one seldom appreciated until something goes wrong.

Deloitte professionals can help to create a flexible payroll function to support the demands of today’s workforce. We offer domestic and international human resources and payroll advisory services including practical proposals for making time-consuming tasks more efficient. We can help strategically align payroll practices and policies with corporate vision.

At Deloitte, we can also help clients select a payroll vendor, application or operating model—including outsource and co-ordinated options or blending country-specific, regional and global delivery service models. Technology specialists advise on and support manual process automation and key payroll technology applications for mobile populations.