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Center for Infrastructure & Capital Projects

Our Center of Excellence uses innovation and emerging technologies to support capital-intensive clients. As a result, our solutions increases confidence in delivering the most complex projects in terms of time, cost and quality.


We believe that innovation results from the convergence of a wide range of knowledge and insights focused on specific issues. The purpose of the Deloitte Center of Excellence is to play a leading role in the capital-intensive ecosystem, providing insights into the technologies and trends that shape the future. We are also active in building and connecting an agile and adaptable network to innovate and develop solutions for the biggest challenges faced by organizations, driving business impact.



Deloitte, the largest professional services firm globally, works with the best and most modern international practices to identify and develop practical solutions for the main challenges that companies faces in capital-intensive activities. To consolidate the intelligence provided to this ecosystem of businesses, we created the Center for Infrastructure & Capital Projects, Deloitte's new Center of Excellence for Infrastructure & Capital Projects.

Through the Center, we support organizations to improve performance throughout the life cycle of their assets, which increases investor confidence and productivity in construction, ensuring efficiency throughout the operation.

Quais são seus maiores desafios?

Deloitte is a reference in developing content and publications that addresses the most relevant market topics in all sectors: articles, primary research, studies on the business environment, points of view, videos, and podcasts. In addition, through the Center of Excellence, we share analysis and specialized intelligence focused on the challenges and operations of the construction sector and capital-intensive activities.


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We actively build an ecosystem of customers and partners around capital-intensive activities to build new solutions, platforms, and products for the most complex business challenges. We combine disruptive technologies and innovative startups with our consulting expertise to achieve commercial success at scale.

We play a role as a catalyst in the capital-intensive ecosystem, providing a forum for innovation, thought leadership, innovative research, and cooperative evolution. Strategic collaboration helps organizations look beyond technology and expand their horizons for future opportunities.

Our objective is to articulate a forum to accompany the market in addressing the most complex energy challenges.

Global Resilience Report 2021

How can companies survive – and thrive – in an era of disruption? A survey confirms what organizations plan and invest in advances in transformations have a greater propensity for better positioning in the business.

Increased productivity in construction

Exploration of new approaches to increase productivity and minimize risk, applying the concept of "lean construction" and innovative construction methods.

Security and sustainability

Development of new tools, techniques and contracting models to deliver capital projects with maximum performance.


Analysis of applicable solutions and best approaches for discontinuing investments in certain assets.

Optimization of asset operation with the adoption of Industry 4.0 concepts

Asset maximization during its lifetime cycle, from adopting a lean-agile mentality in planning and controlling maintenance to transforming the operation, through the application of technologies and concepts from Industry 4.0.

CAPEX return maximization

Identification of assertive solutions so that your investments in capital goods are optimized through long-term planning, optimizing results, mitigating risks and improving governance.