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Digital capital projects

Digitalization represents a fundamental change in the way a project is planned, built, operated and even deactivated

Motivated by digital acceleration in capital-intensive projects, we work with our clients to digitalize projects to seek more dynamic and reliable control models – which can represent a unique source of information in the project, thus leveraging timely decision-making based on data.

A digital capital project is more than just using technology to deliver a project. Digitization represents a fundamental change in the way a project is designed, built, operated and decommissioned.

The digital transformation offers an opportunity to achieve security, efficiency and significant financial benefits, including a 5 to 10% reduction in construction costs and a 10 to 20% reduction in operating costs.

The main challenges to achieve these objectives are usually related to obtaining financing, managing people and ensuring adherence, selecting the early response and delivering the change.

Deloitte has extensive experience in digital transformation. Although the journey can be complex, we know that a successful outcome can be characterized in a very clear and simple way – with a data-driven approach, supported by an agile innovation process and a digital mindset that permeates the team and the project's organization.


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How can we help

Deloitte's three-phase transformation process can support you regardless of where you are on your digital journey. It is supported by tried and tested methodologies, with relevant toolkits and accelerators to support delivery.

  • Project management platform including daily digital work report (RDO-e), measurement bulletins, meeting minutes, change management, claims, among others. In addition, the platform allows customization of approval processes and flows;
  • Implementation of BIM, advanced work packaging and workface planning;
  • Support in the construction of digital twins;
  • Implementation of analytics for project indicators (KPI and OKRs) and preparation of dashboards;
  • Identification of the best portfolio and document management solutions (PPM, GED) and other software for the project's reality / Development of user manuals and training;
  • Provision of solutions and platforms in SaaS mode;
  • Support in the identification, evaluation and contact with companies that provide new innovative solutions for the project;
  • Development of customized digital solutions.