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Divestiture involves additional challenges, including costs, timelines, and disruption to business as usual.

Our approach

Deloitte’s approach for the divestiture and separation management process can help clients to rebalance their business model in order to better position the company for growth and reduce risks.

With experience we have mapped that our client’s key objectives in this process are:

  • Maximize selling prices based on key levers to be explored with potential buyers
  • Define a strategic restructuring on retained organization to remove any overhang
  • Protect intellectual property, trade secrets and competitive advantage of retained businesses 
  • Replace services formerly provided by the seller and protect key talent

With years of practice in Brazil, Deloitte has developed and learned strategies on how to improve the divestiture process in Brazil. Main challenges faced includes:

  • Lead time to set up a new legal entity and have them operational with all licenses, permits and certifications
  • Infrastructure (e.g.: voice and data links) preparation presents long lead times when needed to be adjusted or installed in less developed areas
  • Different registers in Brazil, such as properties documentation and register in Board of Trades, requires a long period to have them updated

Our services

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