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Construction litigation services

We support our clients in addressing disputes during engineering and construction projects

Because of their complexity and the involvement of the various stakeholders involved, capital projects are prone to disputes and claims, which are often resolved in complex judicial or arbitration contentions.

Deloitte has specialized knowledge and experience in the usual ways of resolving litigations. Courts, public and private investors, regulatory agencies, builders, lawyers, among others, rely on the strength of our brand and the highly technical qualification of our professionals to assist them in complex disputes in a clear, concise and objective manner.


How we can help


We operate in a multidisciplinary and functional way, with deep knowledge of the various sectors of activities. Our team of experts develops advanced, solid and consistent analyses – enhanced by the use of digital tools – in order to increase the credibility of our reports and recommendations. We count on the support of Deloitte's global experience to support our clients in all phases of litigation, arbitration or regulatory procedures.

Our main solutions are: