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Brazilian Documents

Last update in April/2022

Following your arrival in Brazil, with a valid visa, you will be required to apply for various documents within 90 days of arrival.

RNM - Brazilian Foreigner ID Card (Registro Nacional Migratório)

You and all your family members will be requested to register the visa and request the Brazilian ID. The application must be made in person at the Federal Police, you will initially receive a protocol and the ID card will be issued within 180 days. The RNM (or protocol) functions as your main document and the basis for obtaining other documents/services.

If you apply for the residence authorization in the country, you will have 30 days after the approval is published to register the application at Brazilian Federal Police.

CPF - Brazilian Taxpayer ID (CPF - Cadastro de Pessoa Física)

This is your taxpayer ID number in Brazil. It is obtained from the Receita Federal (Tax Office) upon completion and presentation of a form. Your CPF is necessary to enable you to open a bank account, rent accommodation, enter into contracts and undertake other similar daily activities.

Dependents of 12 years of age and over are also required to apply for their own CPF card to be claimed as dependent for tax purposes. Other non-tax reasons may apply.

Digital Work Booklet (Carteira de Trabalho e Previdência Social - CTPS)

The Work and Social Security Card (CTPS) is the document that records the worker's professional life and guarantees access to labor rights provided by law. The Work Booklet will be issued in digital format and exceptionally in physical format.

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