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Commercial due diligence

Article shows the pillars of analysis and the benefits of this due diligence process

In recent years, commercial due diligence has grown in popularity due to the growing complexity of the products and services available in the market, as well as the emerging number of new and narrow specializations which require a proper assessment of the target’s growth potential. Besides accelerating the buyer’s investment decision, commercial due diligence also provides clear paths to capture additional revenue during the post-acquisition phase.

In the context of ongoing globalization, business expansion to new markets and growing competition, it is crucial to have a commercial strategy. The lack of a robust strategy leaves room to competitors to capture revenue and gain market share.

The second article in the new edition of the 5 minute reading series shows how well-structured commercial due diligence processes can help to understand the target’s commercial position, make an informed decision about the investment and quickly act on the identified gaps.

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