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Audit innovation

Redefining expectations in Audit & Assurance

We apply leading-edge technologies, combined with our years of experience, to deliver with integrity and value. Our people offer diversity in skillsets and knowledge, as well as a commitment to innovation and inclusion, which empowers us to go beyond the expected.

Complex problems need smart solutions. That’s why Deloitte equips world-class professionals with our digital audit platforms, Deloitte Omnia and Deloitte Levvia, to conduct audits of all sizes and complexity. Leveraging evolving technology and data, we deliver deeper insights to create more consistent, transparent, and valuable audit and assurance services. We bring together bright minds, effective processes and market-leading technologies from across our global organisation to make an impact that goes beyond the expected.

A digital audit, powered by Deloitte Omnia

Deloitte Omnia is our end-to-end global audit platform for larger audits, including publicly-listed entities. This cloud-based, digital solution enables a differentiated audit experience with enhanced collaboration and two-way dialogue with your Deloitte A&A engagement team. Deloitte Omnia integrates cognitive technologies and advanced data analytics, empowering our auditors to uncover deeper insights and deliver an effective, high quality audit.

Using leading-edge technology, our highly skilled professionals harness data to see the big picture more clearly and unearth deeper insights that can provide value. Deloitte’s data driven approach enables us to analyse large amounts of information, examine potential risks, reveal meaningful insights into anomalies or outliers and reduce the time spent on manual processes—allowing us to focus the audit on what matters most.

Deloitte’s innovative technology enables the consistent delivery of effective, high quality audits. Deloitte professionals use data to target risk assessments, combining professional judgement with a relentless focus on excellence to deliver an audit that goes beyond expectations.

Deloitte Omnia enables a digital audit experience with a cloud-based platform where data security is prioritised and data is updated and leveraged throughout the audit. It facilitates greater transparency and collaboration with the audit team, streamlines information requests and document uploads, and reduces the time you spend on manual tasks supporting the audit process.

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