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ESG: Our vision for the sustainable future of companies and society

“ESG” principles will accelerate the pursuit of corporate governance, economic prosperity and respect for people and the planet

Deloitte, the world's largest professional services organization, leads the discussions and efforts of organizations around the world to adopt the standards expressed in the most talked about acronym in recent times: “ESG” (Environmental, Social and Governance). The importance of environmental factors, social impact and good business practices has grown even more in a context of unprecedented crisis, boosting the articulation of regulatory, economic, governmental, business and civil society agents to develop and measure actions aimed at building a more sustainable and transparent world.

In this sense, Deloitte works in a task force started in the 2019 edition of the World Economic Forum (WEF) to create metrics and reports based on existing standards, focusing on the search for convergence and greater consistency between them – which will allow better comparability and analysis between sustainability-related reports. In Brazil, all of our business areas work to offer integrated solutions that support companies in addressing ESG challenges.

Check out our content below, which has as its main focus the dissemination of the importance of environmental factors, social impact and good business practices in a context of unprecedented crisis.

Turning point: A new economic climate in South America


We are at a critical moment: the decisions we make now will be crucial to shaping the planet's economy and climate for years to come. In the case of South America, billions in losses are expected over the next 50 years if climate change is not controlled. While the challenge is complex, Brazil could transform its economy and businesses if it manages to achieve near-zero net carbon emissions. For that, we need to start acting now. The report approach what are the possible paths for a more optimistic future in our region.

Global Sustainability Report 2022


Deloitte's global survey interviewed more than 2,000 executives in 21 countries, including Brazil, to examine the concerns and actions of business leaders about climate changes. Organizations are fighting to incorporate sustainability hastily into their business strategies, operations, and culture. The survey explores the disconnection between ambition and organization's impact, as well as the processes that business leaders can start to invest in to reverse the current scenario.

Perspectives about ESG


One of the hottest themes on the market, ESG (or ASG) still brings many doubts. To clarify the main questions relating to the term and journey of organizations towards more sustainable development, Deloitte developed a series of articles that address all factors and can help companies in their journeys to sustainability.

Global Resilience Report 2021


Access the findings of a global study we launched at the World Economic Forum 2021 on how to build resilient companies aligned with the principles of a sustainable ESG future.

Resilient organizations

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