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Ethics and Integrity

This how our key principles are turned into actions

Ethics and integrity are the cornerstones on which each Deloitte professional builds his/her career. They are the key principles that are turned into actions on a daily basis.

It is no coincidence that ethics and integrity were the first item of our beliefs and values adopted by Deloitte in Brazil. Deloitte’s Code of Ethics and Conduct is the document that guides the actions of all professionals that must be taken with regard to clients, suppliers, and our own staff.

Report channel


Among the initiatives that show Deloitte’s concern for transparency and care for ethics and integrity is the Integrity HelpLine, a 24/7 service to register and handle cases of misconduct.

This channel is managed by an independent company, headquartered in Canada, and allows any Deloitte professional, client, or any other stakeholder of our organization to report incidents via email or telephone, ensuring a non-retaliation commitment and full confidentiality when handling the shared information. 

Visit the website and type “Deloitte Brasil” in the field “Submit a Report”.

Telephone: 0800-099-9201.