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Marcelo Magalhães Fernandes


Marcelo Magalhães Fernandes is the CEO of Deloitte Brazil since June 2024. Before taking on this role, Magalhães was the COO (FY 24) and lead-partner for Audit & Assurance – a role he held since 2017. During this period, he was a member of the Deloitte Brazil Executive Committee. He also previously held a position on the Board.

Magalhães started his career at Deloitte in 1991, as an Audit trainee. He has progressed through the various stages of professional development that Deloitte offers, including international work in the United States, in San Francisco. He became a partner in 2005 and led strategic fronts and projects internally and for clients from various sectors, working on crucial issues that have contributed to the development of the Brazilian capital market.