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Impact Report – Building better futures

Learn about the facts, numbers, challenges and achievements of Deloitte Brazil during a complete annual cycle, referring to fiscal year 2023

Deloitte Brazil´s “Impact Report – Building better futures” presents actions, results and impacts of the Brazilian Firm during the fiscal year 2023, portraying an organization that has reached the maturity of a long and bold strategic cycle of investments and actions.

Divided into four main areas (learn more in the menu below), the report presents consolidated, reinforced and ongoing initiatives, which constitute a general strategic plan, refined amid the transformations of recent years.

Deloitte, an organization with the most diverse professional services portfolio in the world, continues its journey to support the market, clients and society to generate impacts that really matter, in Brazil and around the world.

In fiscal year 2023, Deloitte consolidated its positioning in the market, as an organization that contributes to the end-to-end transformation of its clients, at the forefront of the most diversified professional services portfolio in the country and the world and in constant evolution, reinforcing a series of solutions with embedded technology.

Acting as a differentiated agent in the business transformation journey, Deloitte supports its clients in all phases of management: strategy, implementation and operation. Around 60% of FY 23's revenues came from service fronts that did not exist seven years before.

Throughout FY 23, Deloitte consolidated the significant increase recorded in its professional staff in the previous fiscal year, which reflected the accelerated expansion of its business in the period. Despite reducing the level of hiring, Deloitte still maintained it at high levels in FY 23, in order to continue to provide opportunities for business growth.

In FY 23, the WorldClimate program made progress in an important part of its 10 major initiatives related to the promotion of climate actions in the country. In general, this fiscal year was also essential to base the initiatives whose implementations should accelerate in this decade, with a focus on generate transformative impacts.

In this chapter, we present a summary of Deloitte's organizational structure in Brazil and its governance model. We also highlight organizational principles, such as shared values, and a series of practices that mark our relationship with stakeholders.

In addition, we bring a new edition of the survey carried out by Deloitte with three stakeholders of our organization to capture their expectations and perceptions on topics on the ESG agenda, as well as how Deloitte positions itself in relation to them.