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Tackling digital transformation

How biopharma companies can realize the power of digital and prepare for a new reality

Digital technologies, which are driving massive transformation in health care, can help biopharma companies innovate to develop products and services, engage better with consumers, and execute operations more effectively.

The explosion of digital diagnostics and therapeutics, increasing patient-centeredness, the push for interoperable data, and increased regulatory collaboration are all signs of the tremendous changes that digital technologies are driving in the health care industry.

How can biopharma prepare for this new reality? How should biopharma companies transform their operating and business models to compete? In the report "Tackling digital transformation", we explore five key competencies that can be requisites to enabling digital transformation.

It includes:

  • Driving scientific breakthroughs through data and data partnerships
  • Applying the principles of behavioral science to improve patient outcomes
  • Establishing an enterprise architecture structure
  • Developing predictive analytics and AI capabilities
  • Shifting from “doing digital” to “being digital”

Becoming a digital biopharma company is an ambitious undertaking, and leaders can pursue different paths to get there. 

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