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Making the future of mobility

Chemicals and specialty materials in electric, autonomous, and shared vehicles

​Tomorrow’s mobility ecosystem, with fleets of autonomous and/or electric vehicles, may require a new catalog of materials and chemicals to make everything from batteries to simplified powertrains and customizable interiors. For manufacturers, the future of mobility means challenges and opportunities.

Today, a new series of converging trends could profoundly impact how—and of what—vehicles are made. Electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, and shared mobility will help define the future of mobility, potentially creating winners and losers in the Chemicals and Specialty Materials sector. The survey "Make the future of mobility" explores challenges and opportunities that the new mobility ecosystem could create for these companies.

Many may need to create value in the face of shifts in material requirements and demand, but they appear to have an opportunity to actively shape this demand and co-create the new mobility landscape. Those that simply react are likely to themselves with a shrinking—and commoditized—share of the transportation materials market.

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