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From strategy to sustainability

Transforming food systems to support our environment


Solina, a global food partner, champions sustainability. Collaborating with Deloitte, they crafted a roadmap for 2030 with ambitious targets across five key themes, driving positive change in the food industry.

Solina is a leading global food partner offering tailored ingredient solutions in Europe and North America. Its clients are in food processing industries (meat, meals, potato, vegetables, new protein food, and more), as well as foodservice and butchery markets. The company provides both dry solutions (seasoning and coatings) and liquid solutions (sauces and marinades). Solina makes food matter by contributing to the production of food that is good in every sense of the word: for people and the planet. Thus it aims to accelerate its sustainability ambitions and actions.

To achieve this goal, Solina recently launched a sustainability strategy project and approached Deloitte to help develop and implement this plan. Our Consulting team conducted this sustainability project in two sequential phases. First, a materiality assessment was performed to gain insights and identify the most material sustainability topics for Solina. This was accomplished through a series of internal and external interviews, during which Deloitte evaluated the significance of these topics for Solina’s internal business success, as well as its external importance (e.g. with customers, suppliers, etc.).

Sowing the seeds of change 

Subsequently, eleven sustainability domains with the greatest potential impact for Solina’s long-term success were identified. Our team categorised these eleven domains into five themes, in line with Solina’s strategy:

  1. Innovations and Solutions
  2. Environmental Impact
  3. Sustainable Food System
  4. People &  Culture
  5. Performance &  Reporting

Through interactive workshops with Solina’s stakeholders, a living sustainability roadmap for 2030 was formulated. This roadmap articulates ambitions and precise targets for the eleven sustainability domains.

Thus, the final outcomes for the client were threefold: 

  • Materiality matrix—including a competitive benchmark, as-is analysis and strategic recommendation.
  • Strategic roadmap (i.e. ambitions, targets, KPIs and actions) on focus domains.
  • Internal communication support plan (i.e. webinars) and a PMO toolbox to track and report against project milestones.

With this framework, Solina is taking significant steps towards a food system that is resilient and better for people and for nature.

“Collaborating with Solina on their sustainability strategy exemplifies our commitment to driving positive change in the consumer products and retail sector. Together, we're shaping a more sustainable future for the food industry.”

Agné Vezbergiené, Consumer Products and Retail Sector Leader at Deloitte

Eleven sustainability domains with the greatest potential impact for Solina’s long-term success were identified.

About Solina

Solina is a leading global partner for the food industry, food service, butchery and nutrition sectors, designing tailor-made ingredient solutions, excelling in perfected taste, enhanced nutrition and optimised functionality, that contribute to the creation of food that is good in every sense of the word, good for people, good for the planet. Solina’s culinary food solutions range from dry seasonings, coatings, functional blends to liquid sauces, marinades and more.

By sourcing ingredients from all over the world, applying culinary creativity and technical knowhow from over 30 R&D centres, by running operations from 18 countries spread across Europe and North America, Solina combines its global presence with local market proximity to guide customers in creating consumer-craved foods. Solina counts more than 3,400 employees and serves customers in more than 75 countries.