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VAT chatbot SAM

Deloitte Belgium's SAM is a chatbot capable of providing first hand EU VAT advice. The combination of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing software ensures both quality and a user-friendly experience.

What can SAM do?

SAM can analyse the VAT treatment of both purchases and sales, taking into account place of supply rules, exemptions, domestic rates, domestic deduction limitations, domestic reverse charge rules, etc. Through the upload of information about your company, we ensure that only relevant questions are asked in a conversation and that SAM can give tailored advice (e.g. whether reverse charge applies on your purchase or sale; whether a transaction triggers an obligation to register for your company; which of your own tax codes must be used to report a transaction; ...).

SAM can also answer questions on a number of VAT related topics (reverse charge for scrap, reverse charge for non-established suppliers, import regimes, net exporter regimes, Bad Debt Relief, etc.) and is also able to quickly answer questions about your own legal entities (e.g. What is the VAT number of my legal entity X? In which EU countries is my company Y registered? What is the correct legal name of my entity Z?).

Read more about SAM by clicking on the download box on the right or the image below, or watch SAM in action in one of the videos below.

Watch SAM at work

VAT chatbot SAM provides advice on the VAT treatment of a supply with installation in Germany

VAT chatbot SAM provides advice for when a transaction triggers a local VAT registration

VAT chatbot SAM provides advice on the VAT treatment of a car rental in the Netherlands


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Partner, VAT Consulting & compliance,