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Value chain alignment (VCA) and Global Trade Advisory

Tax advisory services related to Climate & Sustainability transformation of an organisation's operating model and supply chain

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Intellectual Property (IP) planning:

International tax planning related to the positioning of IP linked to sustainable products and solutions and corresponding R&D.

Global supply chain planning:

Assessing the impact on an organization’s global tax footprint related to changes in the supply chain including investments in renewable energy structures.

Carbon Market Participation:

Understanding tax and transfer pricing considerations of participating in global carbon market activities including the origination, sale, purchase, and utilisation of carbon offsets/allowances.

Transfer pricing:

Assessing the impact of evolving operating models and business transformation, including IP strategy and changes to the supply chain.

Global Trade Advisory:

Advise related to customs duty implications arising from potential carbon tax regimes and execution of sustainable supply chains. Verification services related to supply chain source of origins to confirm compliance with fair labor standards and ethical supply chains.

The impact of ESG on Business Models and Transfer Pricing policies

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