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Manage your international trade

Effective management of global trade decisions and obligations is an important factor in a global supply chain. Today, multinational groups must integrate their international trade processes into their overall business strategy.

In today’s digitalized reality, businesses are required to manage and report their global trade activities electronically. Aiming at simplification and efficiency, Deloitte works everyday to develop global trade automation strategies that can identify opportunities on analyzing data and managing the risks, being costs associated with global trade management and reporting.

TrackonTrade is a customs compliance solution developed by Deloitte’s Global Trade Advisory specialists alongside technology specialists. It is linked to the existing ERP system, and helps businesses by automating various European import, export, storage, processing and transportation procedures, documents and data.

By continuously analyzing data, TrackonTrade takes decisions to ensure your full compliance with the latest regulation. Its implementation on CBAM ensures your declarations to always be up to date and, most importantly, sent to Custom Authorities automatically and in the right way.

CBAM Compliance Manager

Deloitte developed the CBAM Compliance Manager, adigital solution that enables companies to automate their CBAM reporting obligations. Through this tool, all data sources will be linked to one secure and centralized source that can compile and allocate the data to create a CBAM report fully up-to-date with CBAM reporting requirements.

This Deloitte’s solution will facilitate both manual data entry or interfacing and automated quarterly CBAM report preparation. It will implement and automated data collection that will entail a continuous monitoring and the creation of a real-time CBAM dashboard. All of this, maintained with the latest legislation by Deloitte.