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Tax learning

Classroom trainings, e-Learnings and digital learning solutions for companies' tax operations

Deloitte Belgium's tax learning solutions helps companies with the design and management of tailor-made training programmes and systems, in both digital and classroom format.

The increasingly dynamic business environment in which companies currently operate means it is crucial for a workforce to develop and sharpen its skills, as well as enhance its business and industry knowledge. This will allow the workforce to stay on top of frequently and rapidly occurring changes that can affect how they need to operate, in turn helping companies remain in a competitive position.

Tailor made learning solutions

With an evergrowing volume of complex tax legislation and regulations affecting business operations, in-company tax learning and development is crucial for organisations to maintain compliance and competitiveness.

Based on its experience and knowledge in developing learning programmes and systems for its own global network of employees, Deloitte is very well equipped to provide companies with the appropriate learning and development solutions.

Tailor made to meet specific organisational requirements, Deloitte's learning solutions can help companies provide their professionals with the right training through three distinct methods:

Classroom training

Depsite being an old fashioned learning method, classroom trainings remain a valuable necessity in corporate learning and development due to the interpersonal and interactive elements, which experts underline as key to training content retention.

Deloitte Academy

The Deloitte Academy programme has taken participants through the latest tax and legal developments for many years. Using this experience, Deloitte can design the appropriate classroom trainings and deliver a learning solution based on the below approach:

Qualitative - Our speakers' expertise and the training methods employed guarantee a high quality standard

Practical - Theories are illustrated using practical examples and interactive discussions

Highly relevant - Strong focus on recent developments; what do the changes in question mean to businesses and how can they can cope with these changes?

Customs and VAT Learning Solutions

The Deloitte Belgium customs and VAT training sessions are facilitated by qualified instructors specialised in Belgian customs and VAT legislation. Our instructors remain fully informed of the latest legislative changes in the domain, so as to ensure accurate and most up to date training content.

Tax & Legal Learning Hub

In today's globally distributed and mobile workforce, online learning methods are an ideal solution for multinationals to address employee training provision across multiple geographies and timezones.

E-learnings offer the convenience of remote enrollement and participation, and allow scheduling flexibility. They can be launched anytime and anywhere, easily fitting into busy schedules of the modern workforce.

Deloitte Belgium's Tax Learning Hub features a variety of generic webinars covering hot topics. In addition, we have the technical expertise to develop digital and e-learning solutions, which can be designed and rolled-out in the Learning Hub, based on organisations' specific technical requirements and business strategies.


BizQuiz is a mobile learning solution allowing trainees to complete quizzes about a series of job-related subjects. The product comes into play as demand for "micro-learning" increases due to the growing scarcity of time, attention and resources.

The award winning tool demonstrates an innovative approach to organisational training, providing a mobile and quick learning solution to complement traditional classroom learning, bringing users instant feedback and rewards.

Read about how the application helped Deloitte Belgium innovate in its learning strategy