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Strategic Compensation & Benefits Tuning

Manage cost challenges. Sustain human capital. Retain top talent.

Our agile approach helps you to tune compensation and benefit spending.

Your challenges


Striking the right balance between cost control and employee engagement in the compensation and benefits package is an all-time challenge. Often, there’s a lack of compensation and benefits cost transparency.

  • Are your compensation and benefits costs in line with the ROI and strategy goals?
  • Are you ready for the tax and legal implications of planned compensation and benefits changes?
  • Is your spend on pension schemes fully optimised?


How we can help


First, we can scan the current compensation and benefits packages. Then we organise a (virtual) workshop to agree on the most appropriate changes based on guiding principles. Lastly, we provide you a report to help you to tune your compensation and benefit spending.

Our agile approach is designed to target short- and medium term efficiency gains, including immediate spending reductions, while managing employee satisfaction and experience. With each change to packages, elements such as fairness, cost and compliance will need to be balanced to ensure all decisions are appropriate across the workforce.