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Our approach for Executives

Taking care of your executives’ needs from start to finish

Executives are a core population for any employer with their own specific characteristics and needs, requiring a specific tailor-made approach, different from the one use for regular employees.

Your challenges

During an executive’s lifecycle within the company, you will encounter various challenges, either through the fast evolving legal landscape (e.g. the recent changes to the special tax status and the impact thereof, the implementation of the new Companies and Associations Code), the pressure to manage company cost or a lack of consistency within the contractual arrangements or remuneration package.

Our unique end-to-end approach helps you at tackling these complex challenges.


How we can help

In the fast evolving landscape, our integrated Deloitte team can help you in every step of the executive’s lifecycle within the company:

  • At the start, Deloitte can assist with drafting the employment contract or management agreement, as well as providing advice regarding the applicable insurances, social security and tax legislation to take into account;
  • Further, Deloitte can assist in analyzing whether the executives have the correct (social) status and advise you in setting up and implementation of the correct corporate governance regime (such as a management board);
  • We can also act as a one-stop shop for any questions related to global mobility compliance, international board mandates and compensation design;
  • Finally, we have extensive experience regarding the termination of executives, We assist from start, i.e. assessment of potential employment claims as well as associated immigration, personal tax and social security related issues, to finish, i.e. drafting of settlement agreement(s), instructions for payroll processing, deregistration from commune, resignation from mandates, etc. We look at the full picture, i.e. social security, immigration ax impact as well as payroll, corporate governance requirements, impact of foreign employment/mandates, etc.

Additionally, we have hands-on experience with the issues faced by quoted companies or companies situated in the highly regulated FSI sector.

For more information on Deloitte's executive approach, click the image below.