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Indirect tax (VAT)

VAT is a complex tax area which is exercised on consumption and regulated within the European Union under a framework of directives. VAT ought – in theory – to be neutral for VAT taxpayers, who can deduct input VAT on purchases and have to charge output VAT on sales. The reality can however be very different.

 Getting VAT – or other indirect taxes – wrong can result in huge problems for an organisation, in terms of additional costs, and stiff penalties imposed by the VAT authorities. Taking the time to get it right can open up opportunities to produce real and significant savings. With over 150 professionals, our Indirect Taxes practice is by far the largest in Belgium. Through our VAT professionals, you have access to a wide variety of experiences and skills, extensive specialisation, strength in depth and a powerful global network of tax and related resources.

Indirect tax consulting

With a normal VAT rate of 21 percent, indirect tax exposures can grow quickly. This can be mitigated by a timely approach. Our indirect tax specialists can help your business by providing advice and help on any indirect Tax matter or problem – often producing fiscal benefits when none may have seemed possible. Whether you are planning to expand locally or internationally, your Belgian indirect tax consultant is there to support you.

In most cases, environmental taxes are indirect taxes. We have the knowledge, the skills and the tools to support you when dealing with them. Indirect taxes have proven to be a very effective area for obtaining cash flow. A review by our specialists could result in significant cash efficiencies.

Dealing with indirect tax compliance effectively is a real challenge. We have the people and the tools to help you.

Business model optimisation for indirect tax

Our business model optimisation specialists make strategic tax consulting an integrated part of supply chain transformation initiatives and make companies drive down their indirect tax costs. This requires an integrated approach where companies not only benefit from their operational improvements, but also retain more of their additional earnings by taking tax into account from the outset.

Our specialist team can help you in designing and implementing a business operating model that embraces the convergence of technologies while improving overall tax efficiency and decreasing the levels of strategic risks.

Transactional consulting for indirect tax

Transactions are often not part of the day-to-day operations of the finance department or in-house indirect tax experts. Deloitte can help address this knowledge and experience gap, through transaction advisory services delivered by professionals who specialise in indirect tax and understand the nature of transactions. Deloitte professionals follow a holistic approach by working with Deloitte transaction specialists in financial advisory, consulting, and other tax specializations to help deliver indirect tax advice within the context of the transaction as a whole. We help identify possible transaction tax or duty risks and the indirect tax implications on transaction costs. Indirect tax due diligence helps plan for the tax implications of post-merger integration strategies that will occur after a deal has been closed.