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Indirect Tax

Indirect Tax Planning & Advisory Services

How we can help

Services a.o. include managing the risk of increasing costs to operations by understanding and minimizing the exposure to, and supporting compliance with, environmental, energy and social taxes, levies and regulatory measures as they are increasingly imposed by EU, federal and local jurisdictions.

Topics covered include:

  • EU Fit for 55
  • Carbon Border Adjustment (CBAM)
  • BE energy taxation transition
  • E-mobility
  • Economic partnership agreements (EPA)
  • EU Energy Taxation Directive
  • Global Trade regulations (deforestation, due diligence, etc.)
  • Free trade agreements
  • Sustainable society policy
  • Eco-taxes (plastic tax, etc.) and circular economy
  • VAT consequences of business change

Indirect Tax Planning & Advisory Services related to VAT, excise and Customs Duty implications arising from execution of sustainable supply chains and sustainability-related changes in tax regimes cover:

  • Tax strategy: ensuring the delivery of a tax strategy in line with the general sustainability strategy of the company
  • Tax operating model: design/review/enhancement of operation model, incl. processes, for taxes
  • Tax consequences of business change: assessing the indirect tax and global trade (customs and other levies) impacts of changes to the value chain, the supply chain and more general to the business modelTax workforce training: awareness and information sessions tailored to sector- and business-specific environments
  • Tax compliance: Assessing and assuring compliant and optimal application of (para-)fiscal requirements

The road to net zero – Indirect Tax

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