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Globally Coordinated Tax Compliance

Find the tax operating model that’s right for your business

Modernise operations to meet today’s tax demands

Tax compliance and reporting obligations for large multinational companies are complex and constantly evolving. Globally, regulators and tax authorities are introducing stringent requirements, including technology-driven initiatives such as real-time reporting and system-based audits.

Deloitte’s co-ordinated compliance teams help improve compliance effectiveness and visibility, reduce global compliance and reporting costs and help you develop strategies to add value to the enterprise.

We also help refine global tax compliance strategy and restructure tax operating models to meet direct and indirect tax compliance and reporting obligations. Drawing on deep tax knowledge and a multidisciplinary network spanning 160 countries, we help clients align data, process, technology, people and governance with their business goals.

Refine your tax operating model

You may suspect your current tax operating model can’t handle the mounting pressures of today's tax reality. Deloitte can help you analyse your current tax department capabilities across talent, technology, data, processes and risk management.

Transformation is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. Together we’ll explore options for your future tax operating model and identify opportunities for improving efficiencies, saving costs, reallocating resources and increasing business value. We’ll advise:

  • What functions should your tax team manage in-house (insourcing)?
  • What functions should you outsource with the help of a third party?
  • How can you use technology to potentially improve productivity and lower costs?
  • How might your talent models need to evolve?

Learn more about global tax compliance services

Services offered:

Whether it’s an initial value analysis, an immersive lab or a tax department assessment, we help you get started by connecting all the critical pieces and charting a path forward.

  • Tax department assessment. Assesses the structure, operations, technology and talent of your tax function.
  • “Future of tax” lab experience. Participate in a custom tax lab experience focused on your unique transformation.
  • Tax department value analysis. Complete a transformation value analysis that computes potential cost savings.
  • Transformation road map. Develop a roadmap to transform your tax department that considers various operating models and configurations.

Powered by Intela, our leading-edge technology:

Intela is our globally integrated work management platform built to provide a truly digital experience for your team and ours.

  • Centralised, intuitive interface for collaboration between your team and ours
  • Support of data extraction, transformation, storage and load process
  • Real-time project tracking, due dates and workflow
  • Digital connection to your Deloitte engagement team to resolve issues quickly
  • Consistent process to build on prior-year experiences
  • Real-time visibility to your engagement and transparent progress on your deliverables
  • Powerful analytics that provides actionable data to help you make more informed decisions
  • Opportunities for efficiencies and potential cost savings
  • A team that trully understands your business

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