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Emerging Workforce

Integrated technology solutions and robust services to help you manage your modern workforce arrangements.

Support your modern workforce of the future

Today’s expectations for how, where, and when work gets done have little in common with the old standard of a centralized nine-to-five, Monday-to-Friday office space. The new workforce “normal” is a fluid mixture of onsite and remote work, travel, temporary moves, and virtual and hybrid environments.

To successfully compete for talent, executives across the organization must understand how the expectations of the modern workforce—along with workers’ desire for flexibility and more frequent, faster, and shorter-term moves—will affect traditional approaches to recruitment and risk assessment. Companies also need immigration, tax, and personnel guidelines that support both business objectives and employee-driven moves and travel.

At Deloitte, we prepare you to support the expectations of the modern workforce. We meet you, and your employees, where you are, helping you identify solutions that satisfy the needs of on-the-move workforce. Together we’ll design workforce strategy and policies, assess risk, implement talent technology, manage change, and track and monitor compliance. Drawing on deep expertise in corporate tax, immigration, HR, and talent analytics, we can address strategies for everything from remote work and business travel to multijurisdictional compliance.

From insight to delivery, our expert consultants can help you understand what’s available now, what’s next, and what it means for your business. We’ll show you how to use Deloitte’s intuitive, award-winning technology to assess and act on remote work and travel requests, helping you ensure compliance and limit risk and automating decisions against policy guardrails. From strategic policy setting to filing and reporting, Deloitte can help you deliver all the processes that today’s modern, mobile, and productive workforce demands. And if growth is straining your in-house bandwidth, you can always outsource whatever you need to us.

Examples of our Emerging Workforce service offerings for hybrid, remote, virtual workers, and business travelers:

  • Emerging Workforce Strategy: Strategy & design, risk assessment, policy, process, Global Employment Company (GEC) assessment & implementation, technology ecosystem, change management, technical advice.
  • Emerging Workforce Technology: Configuration, implementation, APIs, analytics, and insights.
  • Emerging Workforce Compliance: Tracking & monitoring, data insights, individual tax services, payroll instructions.
  • Contingent Workforce Solutions: Strategy, optimization, governance, and risk mitigation for global contingent workers.