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E-Invoicing & E-Reporting: Challenges and Opportunities

What problems are companies facing and what benefits will the tranformation towards e-invoicing bring?

E-invoicing presents both challenges and opportunities for your company. While navigating the shift from traditional paper-based invoicing to electronic formats poses certain hurdles, such as compliance complexities and technological adaptation, it simultaneously offers a gateway to streamlined processes, cost efficiency, and enhanced accuracy. Embracing e-invoicing opens doors to improved efficiency, reduced errors, and the potential for better financial management, marking a transformative phase in modern business transactions. Below, we present an overview outlining the critical challenges and opportunities that e-invoicing offers your businesses in today's dynamic landscape.


E-invoicing presents several challenges for your business:

  • Structural changes in wide variety of processes
  • Harmonization across the EU
  • Increased exposure
  • Need for a global strategy
  • Complex regulatory landscape
  • More automated audits & penalties
  • Multiple data sources,  can result in poor-quality tax data
  • Find right solution that fits your specific needs and meets company requirements


Moreover, it also unlocks various new opportunities:

  • Improved cashflow management and working capital management
  • Improved invoicing accuracy and enhanced tax compliance
  • Informed strategic decision-making for businesses
  • Significant cost savings
  • Reduced workload
  • Enhancing efficiency and enabling tax process automation and improvement
  • Support the broader ESG agenda