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Deloitte GenAI Labs

How Gen AI can transform your tax function

We are all aware that GenAI is changing the world. What it can do for your business may be less clear. That’s why Deloitte is helping businesses identify GenAI opportunities in a spirit of collaboration and co-creation.

Deloitte’s GenAI Labs are designed to help spark ideas, reveal value-driving deployments, and set businesses on a road to making the most valuable use of this powerful new technology. The Labs are facilitated by a multidisciplinary team of Deloitte industry, tax and GenAI experts.

The outcome of a Deloitte GenAI Lab may vary from a set of preliminary Gen AI use cases to working prototypes of GenAI enabled solutions.

If you’re curious about how GenAI can transform your tax function, contact us for a GenAI Lab tailored to your business.