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Co/outsourcing and/or supporting your customs and global trade management

Global trade continues to evolve as one of the most complex and crucial aspects of supply chain management. With a mix of national security, foreign policy, revenue collection and consumer protection objectives, the need for competent customs and global trade resources within a multinational’s organisation is essential. The management of the customs and global trade activities can indeed require day-to-day monitoring and dedicated resources with in-depth expertise.

Companies dealing with global trade may lack qualified resources at a given point in time. Deloitte houses a team of professionals with extensive experience in customs and global trade / supply chain matters, industry knowledge and access to a network of professionals with multi-disciplinary expertise including tax consulting, tax compliance, process management, and ERP customisation. Our experts can provide a practical and constructive response to your queries and needs, at your request.

Any company seeking temporary support in terms of customs and global trade matters will benefit from the co/outsourcing offering. Deloitte can assist you on a daily basis with a variety of activities by assigning dedicated professionals to support your organisational requirements.

Service highlights:

  • Elementary CGT advisory vs. Complex CGT strategic advice.
  • Level of expertise depending on needs & complexity of the business.
  • Maintenance of CGT related master data (classification codes, country of origin, valuation, etc.)
  • Support in customs / export controls compliance processes.
  • Training and guidance of internal CGT staff
  • Organisational design and definition of a roadmap for CGT matters
  • ERP / GTM guidance

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