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Business Digital Hub

Deloitte's global platform for world-class finance outsourcing

In response to continued change in the regulatory, technology and tax landscapes, many multinationals with subsidiaries are considering the appropriate mix of in-house and external resources for managing their operational processes.

Business Digital Hub (BDH) is an easy-to-use global enterprise solution developed to help companies manage their accounting and statutory obligations.

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Business Digital Hub

This flexible solution allows companies to share some or all of the processes in the ERP with Deloitte teams via an outsourcing arrangement. It is a viable and affordable solution for key corporate operational and functional processes such as bookkeeping, finance reporting, budgeting support, accounts payables and receivables, treasury support, finance function support, and fixed assets management.

BDH combines an ERP system and collaboration workspace with the flexibility of a scalable, customizable solution with a consistent look and feel, also giving users real-time application access, data collaboration management, and global tracking tools.

Key features include:

  • Flexible collaboration
  • Integrated solution
  • Easy-to-use platform
  • Cloud access
  • Data protection and confidentiality
  • Business insights reporting
  • Customized for multi-country operations and local compliance requirements
  • Efficient data sharing

For a more in-depth discussion or demonstration of how BDH can help you manage your operational processes, contact