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Intra-Corporate Transferees (ICT) Study 2021

A comparative outlook on the implementation of the ICT permit across the EU

Belgium has implemented the Intra-Company Transferees (ICT) permit on December 6, 2021

The ICT permit was introduced by the EU as a favourable scheme for foreign workers seconded from outside the EU to an entity of the same multinational group in the EU. The ICT permit allows to work across different EU countries and offers multinational companies the opportunity to deploy personnel in a much more flexible way. Hence, an ICT permit can be more beneficial compared to a single permit in Belgium.

To discover how the ICT scheme can benefit companies in practice, we have conducted a study on the implementation of the ICT scheme across the EU. Our study is focusing both on the practical implementation of the scheme and, perhaps even more importantly, also on the links between the immigration and social security coordination legislation, Posted Workers Directive notifications and the principle of equal pay for equal work. Navigating through all requirements is an abslute prerequisite which can be challenging.

Are you curious to know :

  • Which countries allow your employees to obtain an ICT permit in the fastest way?
  • How is the employee’s social security status impacted by working with an ICT permit in multiple countries?
  • Which countries allow employees to work with an ICT permit at a client site?

The study offers answers to those questions and provides a comparative outlook on the implementation of the ICT permit across the EU.

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