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Indirect Tax Knowledge Hub

Easy to use Knowledge Solution, helping to manage VAT obligations worldwide

With the increasing efforts of governments worldwide to digitalize VAT compliance processes and minimize VAT leakage, it is crucial for international businesses to remain informed about the ever-changing VAT regulations, rates and intricate reporting obligations in each jurisdiction where they operate. This diligence is necessary to ensure compliance and avoid costly penalties. The Deloitte Knowledge Solution has a wealth of Indirect Tax Knowledge available. Elevate your VAT compliance monitoring process to new heights with Deloitte's Indirect Tax Knowledge Hub.

Complying with VAT regulations around the world poses several challenges for multinational companies. Some of the typical challenges include:

  • Deal with complex VAT rules that differ significantly from one country to another
  • Keep up with regulatory changes in various jurisdictions
  • Determine the correct VAT treatment for complex cross-border transactions
  • Keep ERP systems and processes up to date whenever regulatory changes occur

These challenges emphasize the importance of having a robust VAT compliance strategy, dedicated resources, and access to up-to-date tax information to effectively manage VAT obligations worldwide.

Deloitte’s Indirect Tax Knowledge Hub features a wealth of business-critical news and topical information on VAT rates, rules and obligations across multiple jurisdictions, with a focus on EU27. Easy access to such information is indispensable for multinational businesses to maintain control and mitigate risk in an increasingly complex VAT regulatory landscape. The Hub also features both existing and upcoming e-invoicing regulations worldwide.

The Deloitte Indirect Tax Knowledge Hub offers numerous advantages, including:

  • Centralized, regularly maintained, and locally verified knowledge essential for everyday work;
  • Structured surveys per topic with standardized answers, ensuring readability and facilitating cross-jurisdictional comparisons;
  • Enhanced productivity and efficiency in knowledge research with 24/7 availability, eliminating the need for time-consuming searches for accurate information;
  • Keeping everyone within the organization up to date with Indirect Tax changes;
  • Serving as a valuable training tool for introducing new individuals to Indirect Tax.

The Hub’s VAT news service provides invaluable assistance in staying updated on significant VAT developments across the world. This service goes beyond merely covering legislative changes. It also includes administrative and operational developments that could potentially impact your VAT compliance procedures.

As part of the news service, you can subscribe to our monthly newsletter covering recent and anticipated changes in the EMEA VAT landscape.

Within Country Surveys, you will find more than 60 distinct cross-country surveys that cover a wide range of indirect tax subjects in a well-organized manner. These surveys adopt a user-friendly "question/answer" format, ensuring ease of readability and facilitating quick information retrieval.

To maintain consistency, an effort is made to standardize the answers by utilizing predefined responses. Each survey is accompanied by a comparative table at the beginning, enabling users to quickly compare variations across different countries for a specific survey topic. The topical information covered in these surveys is global in scope, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

Explore the Country Surveys

The Hub comes with a variety of indirect tax publications each of which brings a wealth of news and knowledge to your VAT compliance team:

  • Deloitte Intrastat Guide
  • Deloitte VAT Refund Guide
  • Pan-European VAT Newsletter
  • Global Indirect Tax Newsletter

Deloitte adopts a distinctive approach to ensure the gathering, curation, maintenance, and regularly updates of its Indirect Tax practical Knowledge. The knowledge is obtained through a dedicated platform accessible to all local Deloitte Member firms. Each Deloitte Member Firm designates dedicated local knowledge responsibles who gather and update the information, ensuring that the content is provided and maintained by local experts. An audit trail is available to track changes.

Additionally, a central team of Indirect Tax Knowledge specialists curates the Indirect Tax Knowledge Hub, ensuring consistency across surveys in various jurisdictions.

By combining local completion, curation, regular maintenance, and regular updates, Deloitte maintains the highest quality standards it is known for.

Access to the Deloitte Indirect Tax Knowledge Hub is granted exclusively upon request. Deloitte clients can apply for access to the "free content" section.

The Country Surveys and topical information within the Hub are payable content. Different models and offerings for accessing this content are available and can be provided upon request.

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