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The Power of Contract Automation
Thursday, 25 April 2024 12:30 PM CET


25 Apr.

Thursday, 12:30 pm CET | 1 Hr.

The Power of Contract Automation

Why participate?

Almost 10 years ago, Deloitte Legal developed their own document automation tool, “Legau”. Legau has saved us hundreds of hours per year in drafting SPA's, articles of association and other corporate documentation.Recently, we've decommissioned “Legau” and upgraded to ClauseBase, a legal drafting toolbox for document creation, review, and negotiation, which has allowed us to save even more time.

In this webinar, we will discuss our journey towards creating better contracts faster, by leveraging top notch contract drafting technology.During the webinar we will share insights and best practices, providing you with an actionable list of takeaways for embedding legal drafting technology in your own Legal function. We will focus on five key areas: people, process, governance, content, and technology:

  • People: Don't forget the users
  • Process: Optimise your contract drafting process
  • Governance: Roles and responsibilities
  • Content: Quality over quantity
  • Technology: How to select and implement the right technology


  • Jan Roggen | Director | Legal Operate | Deloitte Legal
  • Tom Mespreuve | Senior Manager | Legal Operate | Deloitte Legal
  • Senne Mennes | Co-Founder | ClauseBase

The Power of Contract Automation

How Deloitte Legal is saving 3000 hours per year on document creation and review