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Innovation through learning

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Innovation through learning

What is Deloitte Academy?

Maintaining a competitive position for your business means ensuring that you remain up to date on the latest tax and legal news and developments.

Deloitte Academy helps business professionals find their way in an ever growing volume of complex legislation by offering seminars and webinars on a variety of tax and legal topics.To meet your specific requirements, we also offer customised seminars, which could be held within your company or organisation.

Deloitte Academy Tax

Deloitte Academy helps Tax, Finance and HR professionals

Qualitative: The expertise of our speakers and the training methods employed guarantee a high quality standard for the seminars.

Practical details: The Academy’s approach clearly distinguishes itself from the purely theory-based transfer of knowledge to which traditional educational formulas are limited. Theories are illustrated using practical examples and interactive discussions.

Highly relevant: Deloitte Academy has a strong focus on recent developments, what they mean to your business and how to cope with these changes.

Deloitte Academy is aimed at tax, financial, legal and HR professionals working at private companies or public and non-profit organisations.

We also present certificates for your professional training portfolio. These are acknowledged by the ITAA.

The speakers all have extensive experience in their area of specialisation, and understand the tax, legal and financial challenges corporations face in a highly complex and risky business environment.

View the full programme and registration details on the upcoming events page.

Our webinars (Dbriefs) offer you the possibility to remotely participate in online live discussions with some of Deloitte's leading tax and legal experts. View the full programme and register for the webinars of your choice on the upcoming events page. You can also view archived recordings of past webcasts on the replay past webinars page.