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Withdrawal of ‘GlobalSign’ and ‘Isabel’ certificate for accessing e-services

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Full article in Dutch and French.

On 2 October, the Belgian government officially announced that its e-services will be no longer accessible with a commercial certificate (i.e. GlobalSign or Isabel certificates) as of end of January 2024.

Practical consequence

Concretely, this implies that ‘Intervat’ can no longer be accessed with these certificates. Intervat is the application used to comply with Indirect Tax obligations.


As from 31 January 2024, Intervat will only be accessible with:

  • A Belgian ID card
  • A similar electronic ID card for foreigners (issued in Belgium)
  •  ITSME (an authentication app that can only be installed making use of a Belgian ID card)

In case you cannot make use of any of the above methods, the following alternatives are offered:

  •  eIDAS registration (link)
  •  registration at a Belgian ‘registration office’ – physical appearance is mandatory (once done, the logon will work with a username and password, combined with a digital key which is sent by SMS, email or to a mobile app 
  • online registration module (not yet in place – under construction)

Deloitte will monitor further developments and keep you updated.

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