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VLAIO to launch call for development projects advancing towards production phase

Grants and Incentives alert

Is your enterprise developing a new product or service in Flanders, but do you still encounter substantial technical hurdles before heading into commercialization?

The Flemish Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (VLAIO) will launch on 28 September 2023 a temporary call for development projects focusing on specific activities to advance your development phase (technology readiness level (TRL) 4-7) towards the production phase (TRL 8-9). Successful proposals will be funded at 25% of the eligible budget, amounting to a maximum of EUR 3 million. This is noteworthy, as regular VLAIO development projects are only awarded limited support for prototyping and demonstration activities. Within this call, those activities can make up the core of a proposal.


Important conditions

The call applies to every company, regardless of size, and is limited to one project per company. For large enterprises, the project must be focused on societal challenges, such as those related to the environment, circular economy, energy and climate, healthcare, education, mobility and smart cities, or sustainable food.

In general, similar conditions as for regular VLAIO development projects apply. However, as the funding scheme focuses on higher TRLs, it is even more important to emphasize the following requirements:

  • The project still needs to face sufficient technological challenges; and
  • Once the project is finished, additional actions will be needed to commercialize the development.

In short, the innovative product or service must be fully operational by the end of the project but not yet commercialized. As a reminder, mandatory activities for certification purposes are not eligible for funding.

As this call aligns with the regular VLAIO development projects, companies that have not yet received any research and development support for an innovative phase in their project are fully eligible for this call.

Projects can start as from 1 October 2023, with a maximum project duration of 36 months. Importantly, the total call budget equals EUR 10 million and templates will only be available in Dutch.


Evaluation process

The evaluation process will be as follows:

  • The call will launch on 28 September 2023 and will close on 30 September 2024 or when budget runs out.
  • Pre-registration is required. Once pre-registered, VLAIO will advise whether to proceed with the submission of the project proposal based on factors such as TRL and budget.
  • An interview will be organized between VLAIO and the applicant after submission of the full proposal.


Our support

Deloitte Belgium’s Gi3 team is experienced in preparing and supporting applications, from the initial scoping, through proposal drafting, to submitting documents, and following up with the authorities. We can provide support in:

  • Grants strategy;
  • Drafting and submitting applications;
  • Reviewing and validating submission documents
  • Advising on communication with the authorities; and
  • Project management and reporting.