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Reminder of deadline to apply for new energy policy agreement for Flemish energy-intensive companies

Grants and Incentives alert

On 10 November 2022, the Flemish government approved the new proposed energy policy agreement (Energiebeleidsovereenkomst or EBO) that is intended to come into force as from January 2023 for the four-year period 2023 to 2026. An EBO is concluded between the Flemish region, represented by the Flemish government, and an energy-intensive company whereby the latter commits to achieve or stimulate, within an agreed timeframe, a predetermined improvement in energy efficiency.

Energy-intensive companies wishing to join the new EBO must register by 31 December 2022. The registration process entails completion of the relevant accession form, VER or Non-VER (where VER companies are subject to the EU Emissions Trading Scheme). The form must be signed by the authorised person within the organisation and submitted to the EBO Committee. Companies wishing to join the agreement for multiple sites must complete and submit a registration form for each site individually.

Several benefits, such as cash grants for ecological investment in Flanders under the Ecology Premium + and Strategic Ecology Support programmes, are directly linked to joining an applicable EBO.

The main changes in the new EBO are:

  • The target group for the EBO is broadened to include all energy-intensive enterprises with an annual energy consumption of more than 0.1 petajoules.
  • By 1 October 2023, every EBO company will have to conduct a residual heat potential study.