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Understanding the value of IT in the M&A process.


Understanding the value of IT in the M&A process.

Our IT Mergers & Acquisitions (IT M&A) service will support your vendor/acquisition engagement by identifying major deal risks, highlighting valuable IT synergies and specifying clear integration/separation design factors.

The Information Technology (IT) is typically one of the largest expenses in an M&A transaction. Therefore, reduced IT involvement in the pre-deal process can often introduce significant costs in the long term due to unexpected conversion costs or consolidation methods. By relying on an IT Due Diligence (IT DD) assessment, a vendor or potential investor will obtain an insight in the technology deal risks, mitigative actions and associated costs. Whenever in scope of the engagement, our IT M&A service offering will also estimate the effort and resources needed to separate, stand-up or integrate an IT environment.

Our Services

Vendor/Acquisition IT Due Diligence

The IT DD will help the client understand those matters that can have a material impact on the value of the business in scope and that need to be accounted for prior to deal signing, such as potential deal breakers, key strengths and synergies. Our IT assessment is structured along the following:

  • General focus areas: The capability of the business to support its IT strategy & projects, the IT organisation & third-parties, the robustness and scalability of the IT landscape, the operational resilience of the IT organisation (cybersecurity, business continuity, etc.) and the analysis of the IT expenditure to support the IT current needs and future aspirations.
  • Specific focus areas: Deloitte will discuss with the client if a more tailored IT DD approach is desired next to the general focus areas. Examples of possible specific focus areas include but are not limited to: compliance assessment with specific standards & regulations, data architecture & information flow, advanced model governance reviews (AI/ML), and a scalability/reliability/customization assessment of digital platforms.
Integration/Separation Planning

Acting on the next M&A process phase after performing a thorough IT due diligence or just as a separate service engagement, Deloitte will provide you the necessary advice and preparation needed to successfully integrate/separate your business.

Our dedicated approach takes off with the identification of the most suitable integration/divesture model for your engagement (an assessment of key strengths/weaknesses of the IT environment will also take place if our team did not perform the pre-deal due diligence). Subsequently, Deloitte will define an organisational design, governance model and guidelines necessary to develop a high-level IT integration/separation blueprint. This blueprint/roadmap design will stipulate the required action items to keep your business running on Day 1 of the integration/separation.

Other planning activities include the analysis of the IT synergies (creating cost baselines, commitments and tracking processes) and drafting of the IT essentials in the Transition Service Agreement (TSA).

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