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Extended Enterprise

In a globalised business environment, no company is an island. The ecosystem of a typical company comprises an exceedingly large number of entities with which the company does business, including customers, partners, agents, affiliates, vendors and service providers. Taken together, these third parties constitute what we have termed “the extended enterprise.” Extended enterprise risk management (EERM) is the practice of anticipating and managing exposures associated with third parties across the organisation’s full range of operations as well as optimising the value delivered by the third-party ecosystem.

IT Asset Management is about reducing cost, mitigating risk, improving resource efficiency and maximizing value from IT investments.

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Helping organisations to mitigate risks by managing their external environment

Third Party Risk Management

Our third party risk management (TPRM) professionals can assist you in developing a bespoke third party risk management framework to manage the risks and realize the potential in your extended enterprise. We can assist you across your TPRM journey, from assessing an existing capability against industry benchmarks; to establishing a program and an experienced team to improve your TPRM framework (governance, people, process and technology) maturity. Our experienced team advises on third party risk, as well as technology to enable and implement TPRM practices.

Third Party Compliance

We support clients in their relationship with third parties, such as suppliers, outsourcers, licensees, agents, and others. In Third Party Compliance focus is on the third party landscape of the client, where we screen the third party ecosystem in several risk domains, from financial to anti-bribery and ESG, in order to enhance compliance and set up risk mitigation actions. We assist through Risk Assessments and Audits.

Contract Lifecycle Management

In today’s legal practice where speed, efficiency and compliance are major challenges to deal with, digitization is a solution for the legal function and its stakeholders to mitigate operational risks. Dedicated software off the shelve or with the possibility to customize will encourage cooperation between businesses, procurement and legal resulting in a smooth and compliant contracting process. We support organizations in software selection, requirements definition, implementation, change management and training.

Committed to help companies better monitor their revenue & costs management

Software vendors

Software is prevalent in almost all business processes but licenses do not always match usage. We help our clients to identify where revenue leakage is occurring, quantify revenue recovery opportunities and suggest how to recover. Our proven methodologies and frameworks are built to enable you to mitigate risk of revenue leakage or provide a more fact-based investigative approach. Our team supports across a range of overlapping business initiatives such as piracy identification and protection; maintenance and renewals; end user usage; licenses attrition and partner channel transparency. We use technology to underpin frameworks and procedures so they align to your organization’s digital strategy and footprint.

Non-software organizations

Deloitte assists you to assure that your third parties comply with agreed contractual terms. On the supply side, this involves checking if third party suppliers have charged you accurately for services provided. This drives cash recoveries and has a direct impact on your bottom line. On the revenue side, this involves checking that you receive the revenues – such as royalties, licensee fees, revenue or profit share – you are entitled to and that your third party partners’ comply with brand and marketing obligations. We also verify if you adhere to contractual terms with your customers and licensors; and recommend how to address any gaps in your current processes and controls. We are experienced in all industries and all types of third party relationships - from outsourced providers and advertising agencies to licensees and materials suppliers.

At Deloitte, we assist your organization in optimizing your IP strategy and portfolio in line with the business strategy, both online and offline. We provide IP Maturity Assessments to define your current maturity level throughout the IP Lifecycle as well as in organizational set-up. This will enable you to define and prioritize your strategic initiatives and manage IP risks. We provide support in effectively managing your IP portfolio, in maximizing value creation from IP, and in balancing costs versus benefits. Additionally, we offer various services in order to better protect your intellectual property online, ranging from safeguarding your domain names through priority registration or blocking, to monitoring them to detect IP infringement. We also provide compliance and advisory services related to contractual agreements with third parties and regulatory affairs to mitigate risk areas linked to your online identity.

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