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Cyber Target Operating Model

An effective Cyber organisation is the foundation of a resilient business and helps you to proactively manage your cyber risk

Our approach

A Target Operating Model will create a more structured cyber security organisation. It provides a common understanding of the cyber security roles, responsibilities and ownership of the cyber security capabilities. It will also help you to further develop your workforce.

A Cyber TOM seeks to enhance your organisation’s ability to withstand cyber threats, operate within acceptable cyber risk levels, reduce your attack surface and build on digital opportunities while having the right cyber competencies in place.

Our approach starts with understanding your organisation, setting the cyber security vision and defining the design principles, next we co-create the Cyber Target Operating Model and finally we assist you during the transition and implementation of your new cyber security organisation.

Why choose Deloitte as your partner in this journey?

Deloitte has a multidisciplinary team that has experience in designing Cyber Target Operating Models. We are by your side in every stage of your journey and it remains our priority to work in a co-creation mode.

Our proven experience brings you:

  • A tailored approach: we start by understanding your organisation and determine the approach that is right for you. We help you decide what makes sense for your business to ensure the operating model is fit for purpose and aligned to your business model.
  • A proven framework: we developed a methodology to assess your cyber resilience by gaining an understanding of your cyber capabilities, your current maturity and your future goals. Our approach is supported by our globally developed Cyber Strategy framework (CSF).
  • An implementable model: we aim to establish a pragmatically designed and realistic operating model, ready to be implemented.

Current organisational challenges that impact the ability of an organisation to manage its cyber threats: