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Crisis and Resilience

Face the future with confidence

Resilience is the most valuable asset for an organisation in today’s increasingly complex world. Resilient businesses not only survive, but thrive through adversity. Deloitte’s Crisis and Resilience services are dedicated to helping organisations build that resilience in today’s unpredictable world.

More than ever, risk seems to come from every angle. From divisive political discourse to the immediate climate crisis, cyber threats, and supply chain disruptions. While many organisations depend on increasingly complex global ecosystems, if you can anticipate the next crisis, you can show your resilience and emerge stronger from adversity.

Resilience is the ability to adapt rapidly to changing markets, new threats, and disruptive competition, learning lessons from each. More than merely responding positively to change, resilient organisations seek to be part of it, influence it. They are empowered to take up new challenges, partner with third parties, and learn from every experience.

We work alongside organisations to help them reimagine risk, and resilience, to drive core business objectives and reduce the impact and frequency of unseen events. Our Crisis and Resilience services span the entire crisis lifecycle, helping organisations identify, assess, prevent, prepare, respond to and recover and emerge stronger from crises.

Deloitte helps you to establish a strong operational resiliency framework enabling you to anticipate significant disruptions and to be prepared either to mitigate their impact or to hasten the recovery.

Business Continuity Management is not a process with a limited life and a finite end, but rather an ongoing, living program. To ensure the continued viability of the business continuity program, management needs to understand:

The organisation’s current state of preparedness 

The risks to continuity of operations that the organisation faces

The impact of business interruptions of various durations

Taken into account the maturity of your organisation and business processes, the outcome of the risk assessment and business impact analysis, strategies to ensure business continuity can be defined in line with your overall strategy and business continuity requirements in particular. Those strategies can then be translated in the business continuity plans – as required – and implemented, tested and trained.

We designed our BCM framework to be modular so we can tailor our approach to meet your particular needs. Our framework is successfully field-tested in different environments, continuously improved, and fully in line with internationally accepted business continuity standards and frameworks, such as ISO 22301,

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We help organizations prepare for, respond to & recover from high-consequence events that have the potential to seriously disrupt operations, damage reputations, and destroy shareholder value.

Senior executives, board members and investors all recognize that a badly managed crisis can destroy an organization’s reputation and lead to commercial, strategic and financial damage. They are understandably keen, therefore, to ensure their organization is ‘crisis ready’. 

For an organization to be truly ‘crisis ready’, it needs to have the right crisis management capabilities in place and maintain it over time including sufficient focus on training and rehearsals by means of crisis exercises.

We created our crisis lifecycle to help organizations tackle risks, issues and crisis in order to be better prepared and increase the organization’s ability to act with confidence. Our crisis management services focus on the idea of helping organizations in the areas of:

  • Crisis readiness and the level of preparation (before a crisis)
  • Crisis response, including escalation and (informed) decision-making (during a crisis)
  • Crisis recovery, including the lessons learned from the crisis and the actions resulting from it (after a crisis)

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