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Cloud & Emerging Technologies

Moving to the cloud changes your perspective on risk.

We provide a wide range of innovative, end-to-end Cyber + Cloud capabilities tailored to our clients’ environments while enabling significant and secure digital transformation.

The cloud is much more than a technology or a place. It’s an opportunity to reimagine your organization’s approach to data, a catalyst for transformation that drives growth and flexibility. But moving to the cloud also accelerates the need to create secure IT environments that support emerging technologies such as IoT, IT/OT convergence, edge computing, AI and 5G. Our team of cloud professionals can help your organization embed cyber into your evolving cloud strategy.It means integrating cyber security into cloud capabilities to achieve business goals bringing transformation through the speed, resilience and scale of cloud solutions. For this, we integrate Cloud and Cyber capabilities together with a deep understanding of shared responsibility models between the enterprise and cloud service provider. You’ll also benefit from our knowledge of the cloud threat landscape, as well as global and local regulatory and compliance requirements.

Our services/solutions

We provide the following services to secure your cloud transformation 

  • Cloud cyber strategy, governance and compliance: Determine the business case and develop cloud security strategy in alignment with organization’s business goals and digital strategy. This includes review of foundational tenets such as target operating model, technology rationalization and multi-year financial outlook of the organization’s cloud program. In addition, support the organization in ensuring that the cloud strategy is in line with the compliance requirements of the organization.\
  • Cloud infrastructure security: Support the organization in defining a cloud security reference architecture, aligned with the cloud (security) strategy, but also with the enterprise reference architecture. Establish the processes to ensure that the cloud security posture of the organization will stay aligned with the cloud reference architecture.
  • Cloud security implementation: Support the organization in implementing cloud security controls: Identity and Access management components, Privileged User and Access Management, Data Protection controls (Microsoft Information Protection, …), Cloud SIEM (Microsoft Sentinel, …), (multi cloud) key lifecycle management, …