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Business continuity for the public sector

Government organisations provide services that are key to the proper functioning of our society. Both citizens and companies depend on the services provided by those government institutions. A failure of such an institution to deliver its services will not only impact the government and its employees, but may also seriously impact these citizens and companies.

It is imperative that government institutions take the necessary measures to limit the probability of disruptive events and to limit the impact of such events: they need effective business continuity management (BCM)

Deloitte has assisted many public organisations, both on European and Belgian level, in enhancing their continuity capabilities. We have developed a framework that offers a unique combination of business and technological aspects, using a risk-based, modular and long-term sustainable approach. Thanks to the extensive experience of our Belgian BCM team in the public sector, we better understand the specific threats and vulnerabilities of government organisations. In addition, we have considerable experience in applying internationally accepted standards such as BS 25999 and Belgian and European legal or regulatory requirements.

Deloitte can assist clients either by evaluating existing processes and plans to provide pragmatic recommendations for improvement, or by helping to build new BCM processes and plans with the client. In both scenarios, our approach leads to cost-effective decisions that safeguard the future and long-term continuity of the client.

Effectief continuïteitsbeheer voor de publieke sector

Wil u weten hoe Deloitte u kan bijstaan bij het evalueren van bestaande processen en het opstellen van een blauwdruk voor pragmatische verbeteringen? Wenst u assistentie bij het uittekenen van nieuwe BCM processen en plannen?

Une gestion efficace de la continuité dans le secteur public

Deloitte assiste ses clients dans l’évaluation de processus existants et l’ébauche d’amélioration de ces processus ainsi que dans l’élaboration de nouveaux processus en soutien à la gestion de la continuité des services.