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Working towards the new normal

Acting or Re-acting

The pandemic has forced the adoption of new ways of working and a re-architected work model. Organizations must reimagine their work and the role of offices in creating safe, productive, and enjoyable jobs and lives for employees, with flexible work only being the start.

Amidst a devastating health crisis, many workers have seen a glimpse of ‘something different’ or have faced some emerging challenges of over-productivity, feelings of loneliness and blurred lines between work and play.

To start the recovery process while the first glimpses of light are appearing at the end of the tunnel, organizations will think more strategically about the future workplace, processes, policies and digitalization/automation.

It is clear that this period will be marked by having more questions than answers to emerging topics. In the article we will deep dive into the shift organisations are currently facing, the Future of Work models, the Humanised workplace and how Deloitte can help you in this journey.

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