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We help our hospitals

Connecting hospitals with experienced cybersecurity volunteers during the COVID-19 pandemic

Like many other major world events, COVID-19 has triggered cybercriminals to target and exploit parties that are more critical now than ever. In pressing times like these, we want to make sure that healthcare providers stay up and running securely, to provide us, and our loved ones, with the critical care we might come to need. With We Help Our Hospitals, healthcare providers are connected with experienced cybersecurity volunteers when targeted by cybercriminals during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Together with LSEC, CCB-CERT.BE and other leading players in the Cyber Security field, Deloitte is supporting an initiative to connect hospitals and other healthcare providers with information security specialists on a volunteer basis. With the “We Help Our Hospitals” initiative, these specialists can help respond to and prevent cyber incidents for healthcare providers. In case of cyber security incidents, healthcare providers can reach out to But thanks to the "We Help Our Hospitals" initiative, they can now turn to a group of skilled and experienced volunteers for additional support in times of need.

Hospitals and healthcare providers in Belgium can benefit from this initiative by reaching out to

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