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Deloitte and Knowliah partnership

Accelerator for digitalisation of contractual compliance

Deloitte has entered a partnership with the Belgian software company Knowliah to jointly accelerate and better support the digitalisation of risk mitigation and compliance in legal functions. Through bringing together multi-disciplinary professionals, we can provide a leading Enterprise Legal Management Solutions (ELMS) practice.

Who is Knowliah?

Knowliah is a Belgian based software company with an international client base developing and marketing intelligent software solutions for managing unstructured information and knowledge. Specifically in support of risk mitigation and contract compliance, Knowliah offers a complete Enterprise Legal Management platform. They have been recognized by Gartner several times in the last couple of years as a Representative Vendor worldwide for its Enterprise Legal Management and Corporate Legal Management solutions.

A multi-disciplinary approach

Through joining forces we are bringing together multi-disciplinary professionals and guarantee a fluent end-to-end solution through our complementary competencies.  Starting with requirements definition to assure a software configuration that fits the client’s business now and in the future, after implementation by Knowliah, we also provide training and follow-up sessions to allow clients to optimally benefit from their digitalisation efforts.

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