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Digital Identity

Building and maintaining trust while delivering frictionless user interaction in a digital world

Trust is the foundation of all business. But global supply chains, remote work, the Internet of Things and e-commerce make it difficult to know exactly who you are dealing with. We take a human approach to digital identity. We can advise on, implement and operate a broad suite of identity services  delivered via best-of-breed technologies to help you better manage your identity strategy, identity governance and provisioning, privileged access management, single-sign-on and risk-based advanced authentication.

With optional licensing and hosting terms built into the service, you can focus on strategic business objectives rather than managing large complex identity environments. Together we will develop the digital identity solutions for a cyber-powered future that’s right for you.


How Digital Identity can help you and your organisation

We heard when you asked

We understand your challenges and opportunities. We’ll enable you to protect against risks while enhancing your end-users’ first impression and ongoing experience – whether your end-users are employees, partners, customers, or citizens. We have extensive identity management experience across public and private sector, industries, and use-cases, and as such offer proven methods that are scalable and adaptable to your specific set of business requirements.

Questions we help find answers to include:

  • How can we ensure Identity provides a cost-effective, compliant, scalable, and user-friendly experience?
  • How can we manage the explosion of digital identities and access to critical resources, both internal and cloud-based?
  • What are the best ways to provide a compelling first contact point to customers, protect sensitive data, enable secure transactions, and enable business process transformation?
  • Can we create a comprehensive Digital Identity program that securely allows end-users (employees, consumers, partners) to receive appropriate access to applications, systems, and data while providing a low friction user experience?
  • How do we organise complex ecosystems around digital identity?
  • What’s the best way to ensure employees always have the right level of permissions throughout their relationship with the organization?
  • How can we build the right access control in a cloud environment?
  • How to apply the Zero Trust principles in the digital identity services ?


End-to-end benefits

Effectively managing Digital Identity has enterprise-wide advantages. It enables you to engage with customers in new ways across multiple locations and devices. Automating and simplifying cybersecurity practices through a clear understanding of identity increases collaboration across extended networks, particularly as remote working becomes embedded in our culture. All while you reduce operational risk, create new efficiencies and build trust.


We listened to your needs

Digital transformation is ongoing. As your business evolves, you continually face new challenges - whether it’s migrating services to the cloud, updating to more sophisticated Enterprise Resource Planning systems or navigating new regulatory landscapes.  Remaining competitive requires having the highest standards of  data protection and privacy without sacrificing user experience.  At Deloitte Cyber, we are focused on empowering your people to work together with greater insight, agility and resilience to threats across your entire enterprise.

Our complete portfolio of services can help you at every stage of development from model definition to implementation and solution management. Whatever your business, we understand that carefully managing digital identity is key to your future success.

Our Digital Identity services and solutions

Directional vision, with a clear roadmap, ensuring you make the right investments and avoid risk is critical for success. We provide a Digital Identity strategy that is future-proof and aligned to your organization’s mission. Beyond risk mitigation and  compliance, we help you evolve organizationally to improve operational efficiency, enable digital transformation and enhance user experience. In the vision and strategy we offer you the insights to address and integrate relevant trends to your organisation, including:

Cloud migration identity and access strategy

  • Zero-trust adoption
  • OT/IoT identity management
  • Customer and consumer identity and access management (CIAM)
  • Interoperability, federation and decentralized identity management
  • Target operating model and governance of IAM programs

Depending on your needs we will focus our Identity Strategy work on the areas you prioritise, e.g. more on the management of employees, consumers, business partners or on a combination of those.

In our rapidly changing world of work, it’s essential that  employees can access systems from beyond traditional environments. Our range of authentication services allows you to expand your footprint while preserving your networks’ integrity.

  • Web access management
  • Social ID linking with an enterprise ID
  • Basic identity/password administration
  • Risk-based adaptive authentication
  • Bring your own identity (BYOID)

Verification by password is becoming obsolete. Increasingly, user behaviour analytics and other sensing data are being deployed to provide continuous authentication in a “zero-trust” environment.

We can help you enhance your situational awareness capabilities to bolster your cybersecurity posture while also providing a superior user experience.

After carefully assessing your needs, we can design, or source, then implement emerging technology solutions. Seamlessly integrating them with your existing architecture lets you focus on outcomes instead of outputs. Examples of such services and solutions include:

  • Identity ProofingBiometrics
  • AI/ML behavior authentication
  • IoT gateway
  • Decentralized Identity (and Distributed Ledger Technologies)
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  • Electronic Signatures and Digital Trust Services including eSeals, TimeStamps, eArchiving, eDelivery…

Effectively using data is the key to competitive advantage.  We’ll help you to clearly understand who is doing what, where, when and why across your entire ecosystem. Once you know who is working inside your systems or engaging your services, understanding their behaviour is the first step to optimizing their experience. Our solutions will assist you to continue to harvest and analyse relevant data so you can constantly improve performance.

  • Access usage monitoring
  • Access correlation and profiling
  • Behavior and data analytics
  • Risk scoring classification
  • Enhanced analytical reporting for risks and segregation of duties
  • Alert forwarding and integration

Our experience across all identity management domains helps you sustain, transform, and evolve your identity capabilities over the full user account lifecycle.We’ll ensure your governance and processes are aligned across your organization. With our select set of tools, you can reduce inefficiencies and costs by automating reporting while improving users’ experiences. Minimize potential security and compliance risks while your workforce accesses an increasing array of technology assets.

  • Role-based provisioning
  • User self-service
  • Delegated administration
  • Segregation of duties (SoD)Access/role attestation
  • Role engineering
  • Just in time provisioning
  • Integration of SaaS solutions into Identity, Governance and Administration solutions
  • Synchronization of on-premise to cloud user identity repositories
  • Directory consolidation, Synchronization and cloud migration services

Security breaches using high-level credentials are often the most damaging, and most common. Be certain that users can perform the tasks they need to do and are qualified to undertake. And only those tasks. As people’s roles change within your organization, it’s crucial they only access what they need. But as accounts multiply, monitoring privilege can be overwhelming.We can simplify access and functionality control, bringing uniform and aligned processes that give you clear insight into levels of privilege. And you can partially automate granting new permissions as employees move up and through your organization.

  • Shared/service/privileged account management
  • Privileged access governance
  • Password vault
  • Secure Shell key management
  • Privileged session monitoring and recording
  • Super user privilege management

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