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Hardware Asset Management

Reducing costs, mitigating risk, gaining control of your hardware estate

Hardware Asset Management (HAM) is the management of the lifecycle of physical IT assets/components, from the procurement to the retirement stage. Hardware Asset Management also involves managing: warranties, vendor agreements, and software licenses. Hardware Asset Management and Software Asset Management go hand-in-hand; a SAM project will not work as effectively or successfully without having HAM processes in place, or some form of HAM management structure.

Without Asset Management, organizations struggle to:
  • Maintain consistent/accurate asset information (e.g. tags, ownership, location, value etc.)
  • Consistently manage the Stockroom(s)
  • Understand overall cost exposure
  • Manage asset maintenance, lease and warranties
  • Produce consistent reporting to support business decisions
  • Understand how an asset supports the business
  • Understand potential risks (e.g. security)

Actively and correctly managing hardware assets throughout its lifecycle can lead to a reduction in the amount of money spent on the hardware during its lifecycle at the organization, and to a better budget forecast/planning to support future business initiatives. Furthermore, having a process in place to manage existing assets reduces the time and money spent on identifying the need for new pieces of hardware. Finally, by implementing a successful HAM framework you will quickly see a return on your investment, both financially and from a time perspective.


Deloitte HAM Portfolio:

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