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Contract lifecycle and legal matter management

Speed and efficiency in contract handling

In today’s legal practice where speed, efficiency and compliance are major challenges to deal with, digitization is a solution for the legal function and its stakeholders to mitigate operational risks. Dedicated software off the shelve or with the possibility to customize will encourage cooperation between businesses, procurement and legal resulting in a smooth and compliant contracting process. We support organizations in software selection, requirements definition, implementation, change management and training.

Contract lifecycle

Being more than just a structured contract database throughout the company, Contract Lifecycle and Legal Matter Management help companies to achieve a fluent cooperation between businesses, procurement and the legal department, resulting in increased efficiency. Pre-defined templates and pre-configured approval and signatory flows combined with monitoring contractual obligations are one of the many benefits for a company implementing this technology.

Moreover, in an environment where stricter regulations pose the risk of non-compliance, the need for an advanced contract management system is triggered. Contract Lifecycle Management can help a company gaining data driven insights in its contracts, contracting parties and third party risks.

Our team can provide support in your digital transformation. Based on experience and knowledge, we can assist in the selection of contract management software that is most suitable for your company. Together we can assess the processes in place and/or optimize work streams. We can help with the design of the company’s ideal contract management set-up. Not only do we look into the preferred business requirements, we also take into account existing tooling and databases which can seamlessly be integrated with the legal software tools. Migration of legacy contracts is not an obstacle either. All these factors are considered in the implementation phase. The ultimate goal is to make all contract related activity in your company legal-tech savvy. Through change management and training we make your company ready to embark on this digital journey.

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